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The Lakers Secret Plan

December 15, 2011


Before you proceed to reading, this post is not about the movie. Its about the title and atleast how a Laker fan thinks of the world after becoming the 2nd-most-interesting basketball team in LA. In case you hadn’t heard yet, CP3 is on his way to the Clippers and that makes a pretty interesting team. Add insult to injury, the Lakers were supposed to be the proud owner of a very good point guard named Chris Paul, if not for God errr Stern decided twas a bad deal despite what the world thinks. For now,we’d have to make use of paper, sticks and stones. In particular, Fisher, Blake and Morris.

Several days ago when news of CP3 supposedly heading to LA, I made a post regarding possible deals that could go on for us if and when this happens. That said, I referred to Mo Williams getting lost in the shuffle at Clipperland with all the collection of PGs that team has now: Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, Eric Bledsoe, Mo Williams. The suggestion doesn’t come out of desperation, its actually part of what I think is LA’s bigger plan.

And that is?.. 2013 cap space.

Say what? Why?

Yes folks. Its crazy. Its far-fetched and probably a figment of my imagination. Its probably my silly attempt to rationalize what Mitch Kupchak has done to the team. No matter how ugly or nonsensical you think the moves may be, the move actually makes sense. So the Lakers have gone on to sign Gerald “lights out on your cupcake” Green, has reportedly auditioned stretch 4/5 Troy Murphy, and used the mini MLE on Josh McBob on a 2-yr 6.1M deal. These moves are actually in accordance to what Mitch told us he planned to do, given the limited assets that they have.

So how does this work Yoda?

If my conspiracy theory is correct, the Lakers have now a plan F in the works. In fact, plan F is postponing the big move to 2013 when it all matters anyways. Maximize Kobe’s window now, ask questions later. Make sure the deals we take are 2-yr deals and no salary beyond 2013.

As if to align the stars to my “secret knowledge” of things, the Lakers have supposedly asked Dwight to stay in Orlando, decide his fate next year, and to look even better, try to wait it out for 2 seasons with Orlando so as not to get the Lebron effect. Essentially, Dwight will give the Magic 2 seasons for him to play GM and if that doesn’t result to a championship, which probably never will, then he’s out. Ironically enough, CP3 has agreed to opt in of his 2012-2013 contract that will give him 2 full years under other LA team. This will enable the Clippers to get the most out of him in ticket, jersey and marketing sales before he realizes Blake Griffin isn’t exactly the guy he wants to play with, instead its Dwight Howard.

Last I checked, the Lakers have 61M in salary commitments with just 4 players: Kobe, Gasol, Artest and Blake. Assuming projections are that the economy is bound to improve in 2 years, the salary cap will be an estimated maximum of 60M if now lower. So how then will that work?

Pau Gasol will just turned 31. Kobe is already 33. We still have our amnesty by this time and we still are pretty much a team.

So the guess is,

1. Kobe restructures his salary as provided in the new CBA, more years, no longer 30M.
2. Pau Gasol is traded by the Feb. 2013 deadline for draft picks and peanuts.

3. Steve Blake + 1st round pick is traded for an exception.
3. Ron Artest is amnestied.


The Lakers now have w/e Kobe’s new salary is and 2 max cap space available to secure CP3 and Dwight.

Of course it woulda been just easier to trade Pau and Odom for CP3 and then Bynum + everything else for Dwight. But that belongs to a different reality. CP3 is a Clipper now.


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  1. Eileen permalink

    I still don’t like it. This leaves Kobe nothing to play for for the remainder of his contract. We know that this will not sit well with him and he will demand a trade. Kobe is trying to catch MJ and or score more points than MJ. None of this is possible if the team is rebuilding. Because no matter how you slice it that is exactly what the Lakers are doing.

    Kobe will not want to play against Miami, NY, LA, and OK with a bunch of rocks, pebbles and stones when he will require a boulder to get past those teams.

  2. warrenweelim permalink

    Its the ultimate gloom and doom scenario. Its the plan Z of Zs if you may call it that. Remember that while Kobe may have his own agenda, and we’re right there with him, the Lakers might have other plans. Remember, Jim drives the Bus(s) now.

  3. If getting CP3 AND Dwight didn’t happen two weeks ago, it’s not going to happen two years from now. Dwight won’t spend 2 more of his prime years in ORL as part of a very sketchy plan that could very, very easily fall apart (say CP3’s knee goes to hell, OR the Clips do so well that he signs on long term).

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