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Proposed Deal: Houston Rockets

January 25, 2012


Let me quote ESPN’s Chris Broussard on this one:

[quote]3. Lakers trade Pau Gasol and Darius Morris to the Houston Rockets for Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry

Without Gasol, the Lakers don’t win their last two championships, period. But time moves on — and so do players, even stars. The Lakers need a shake-up and with Howard (at least in the above scenario) going to the next-door neighbor Clippers, the Lakers can’t rely on Superman bailing them out. So I suggest moving Gasol to the team that nearly had him in December, the Rockets.

Houston is dying to add a star, any star, and it will pay handsomely for one. In Houston, Gasol can return to the post (Mike Brown has him playing on the perimeter in L.A.), where he could give the Rockets a nice inside-outside punch with Kevin Martin. Morris could battle Jonny Flynn for backup minutes behind Goran Dragic.

As for the Lakers, this is just what the doctor ordered. While it doesn’t make them the Western Conference favorites, it certainly gives them a significant and much-needed upgrade at point guard. One of the Lakers’ biggest problems is their inabilty to contain quick point guards. Well, Lowry is a tough, gritty and quick point who has improved dramatically as an offensive player. The Lakers’ already stout defense would improve in an instant, and Lowry also would add to the offense as another playmaker and creator.

And with Scola, the Lakers wouldn’t lose one of their strengths — their size. Bynum and Gasol are the best center-PF combo in the game, but Bynum and Scola wouldn’t be much of a drop-off.[/quote]

Chris Broussard has come up with a scenario that is viable, sensible and actually possible. With the Lakers needing to make any form of move, the trade offers a myriad of possibilities that each team might be happy with.

The Lakers on the other hand would welcome the addition of Chase Budinger while adding Derrick Caracter or Andrew Goudelock. Budinger adds accurate 3-pt shooting for the Laker bench that needs a big time upgrade from that department while Houston will not hesitate to add such minimal piece if it meant they are getting Gasol.



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  1. I do not understand why either of the two new rookies should be included in any trade this year. I do think they are going to pan out to be decent players in the NBA, in fact I, think their upside is great. This is our youth that the Lakers need to hold onto. Their salaries are so low that they would not need to be included to ‘make the salaries match’ in any trade this season. Is it that you do think highly of them, and that including them in a trade makes the trade go through? Just my 2 cents, but I would keep them both, especially with the salary restrictions coming up in the next couple of years for all teams.

  2. warrenweelim permalink

    The 1st constraint is roster space. The Lakers need to consolidate talent and not have 3 incomplete players or so. The proposal offers a perspective that gives the team a new dynamic: Scola operates in the high post and has a very efficient 20-footer. Lowry is a penetrating PG (something we’ve never had in a thousand years) and with a very improved 3-pt shot. Budinger provides the spacing we need to succeed with Bynum and Kobe operating at the post – now with Lowry and Bud at the corners for those freebies.

    I am a staunch Gasol defender and fan, but this proposal I found to be rather interesting.

    May I also add that the deal allows the Lakers to shave some 5M in salaries, while improving the team.

  3. Nice thought by why would Houston, who is played better then the Lakers, trade their best young player in Lowery? Scola’s numbers are the same as Pau’s. Morris is a D-League player that is only getting minutes because our bench is the weakest in the league.

    This is one of those trades without thought for both teams like why can’t we trade Fisher, Walton and Smush Parker’s car from when he smacked the valet for Dwight Howard.

    As is Lowery is a top 5 PG and Pau is not a top 5 PF and 8 years older.

    Never happen so why waste the typing.

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